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Dave Dee

Chief Marketing Officer

Vision Day was one of the most transformational things I have ever done, not only for my business but for my life. After Vision Day, I had such a clear plan and focus for where I was going and most importantly, the action steps I needed to take.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

Co-Founders, Gravitational

Vision Day was a game changer, a life changer.

Maritza Parra

Online Marketing Expert

Completely amazing! Vision Day brought me so much clarity. I have a step-by-step blueprint for what I’m going to do with my personal and business life for the next 12 months. I feel free and lighter with so much excitement and hope!

Darin Garman

Real Estate Investor,

You will have a simple-to-follow formula that you take back with you after Vision Day. It’s very easy to implement and before you know it, you start seeing the results! Finally, those results come that you’ve been wanting and that you’ve been expecting for so long.

Dave Neundorfer

Linestream Technology, Inc.

I feel like I have the balance and the calm that I need. I’ve been able to be present in navigating changes on the business end and the personal side … a direct result of some of the work that I have done and continue to do with Rob.


Jeff Bartsch

Hollywood Master Television Editor

When you're not sure about the right direction forward in your personal or professional life, the clarity that comes from the questions that Rob asks you … changes absolutely everything. So if you're even considering doing a Vision Day, don't even think twice.

Jill Merriam-Dulitsky

President, Key Hyundai

When I look back from where I was when I first met Rob to where I am now, I am 100% happier. To me, that’s the best measurement of success. The business is extraordinarily successful now. I’m doing what I love to do… and I’m getting free time to myself to enjoy my family and to see my kids grow up.

Jenifer Madson

Author and CEO
Impact First Leaders

I went to Vision Day and worked with Debbie to get clear about my purpose, my mission and my vision. It was absolutely priceless. Since then, I’ve written two books, built a national leadership firm, and started a non-profit to support the work of filmmakers focused on social good.

Victor Cheng

Founder, Fast Forward

Vision Day really changed my life. It became a huge turning point. I was going in one direction in my life and then Vision Day helped me realize it was the wrong direction. Vision Day was not something I would have normally done. The other tools at my disposal were not working. I’m glad I took the chance.

Since then, I’ve probably sent a dozen people to Vision Day. All of them have thanked me profusely afterwards for introducing them to Rob and to Vision Day. It’s been a really positive experience for all them. Not a single person

Robert Skrob


If you’re considering Vision Day, you have nothing to lose except frustration, confusion and disillusion, and everything to gain in terms of clarity, focus and real chutzpah that what you have is something of tremendous value and that it’s time to bring it out into the world.

Costas Peppas

Strategic Inner Circle

There is absolutely nothing like Vision Day. It will give you exactly what you need in your business and your personal life, and you’ll be surprised every step of the way. I can’t recommend Rob and Debbie enough.

Dr. Chris Tomshack

HealthSource Chiropractic

Vision Day was monumentally transformative. It has been an amazing growth experience, which has allowed me and my key executives to take our company into a stage that we otherwise wouldn’t have entered.

Rob’s genius is in truly dissecting your business and coaching you to real actionable items that lead to growth. He’s a wizard …who can adroitly and quickly determine what it is that you need personally and professionally … Vision Day has been a very wise investment for me.

Brian and Rosi Amador


Rob and Debbie, your kind guidance was so helpful in figuring out some big changes we needed to make, and how to make them. Your focus on accountability still influences us as we work towards building our business. You can bet we’ll be thinking of you when we finally make it to New Zealand, which we discovered during Vision Day was on each of our buckets lists!

Bob Regnerus

Business Owner; Social Media Advertising

Don’t miss out on this tremendous experience! Vision Day is a day dedicated solely to you…a day free from encumbrances like your cell phone and email. It’s a time for you to really get away and focus on yourself and your future. Whether you’re doing a personal vision or a business vision, it’s an absolutely transformational experience.

Tom Adams

Founder and President
Flourish Press

Vision Day helped me gain clarity about where I wanted to go. A definiteness of purpose that was really helpful to what I wanted to achieve.


Ron Ipach

Founder and President
CinRon Marketing Group

It's been about two weeks since I spent the day with Rob, and let me tell you, I've been on fire! I walked away from that day knowing exactly what I needed to do, rather than wandering around trying to figure out what's next in my life.Rob helped me to realize that I was already sitting on the goldmine. I just wasn't paying attention to it.I was too close to it to see the potential that one of my businesses already had for me.

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“Amazed at how a few hours can be so transformational.”

“Vision Day gave me the realization that I can create the perfect life. In my personal life, my marriage is enriched. Wendy and I have reached a new intimacy that I carry throughout the day. In my business life, I am able to see the big picture so the daily ups and downs stay secondary to keeping my eye on the ball in achieving my goals.

If you have unanswered questions in your personal and business life and want to discover answers by looking inside yourself instead of asking for advice. Vision Day will bring it on. Self-discovery with guidance is much more powerful and lasting than just coaching!”

Dr. Marvin Lagstein, 
CEO, Smile Specialists

“Rob and Debbie are experts at bringing out your vision.”

“My husband and I were at a crossroads on which way we wanted our lives to go. We needed help figuring out how to move forward as a team. I saw the Vision Day website, went on pure faith, and it was all beyond anything that I could have imagined.

Rob and Debbie were amazing at how they were able to pull things out of us in such a gentle and easy manner. Most valuable insight: I discovered that what I thought my husband wanted and was thinking was not what he wanted and was thinking.

Now I feel so much happier and more complete. I am slowly growing my business at a speed I can handle, which makes the process enjoyable, not stressful. My kids and my husband are much happier, too. In fact, I loved our couples Vision Day so much, and it did so much for us that I did a personal Vision Day as well!”

Rosemary Nickel, Mompreneur

“A day totally geared to me… and totally worth it.”

“Before my Vision Day, I had some concern that it would be a “cookie cutter” thing, not really focused on my particular situation. After spending 8,234 hours filling out forms and doing personality assessments – and then seeing that Rob had actually read through them prior to our meeting – I felt at ease.

What changed most for me afterwards was being able to focus more on my core goals and values instead of being so easily distracted by the next “shiny object.” Vision Day meant getting a warm, friendly, compassionate yet tough, no-shite second set of eyes looking at my life and helping me to get on track. It’s like your own personal Tony Robbins event, all about you, without having to walk over burning coals.”

Dave Dubeau, Chief Creation Officer, Canadian Profits

Michelle WhittakerChocolatier

The day was full of hopeful, positive energy.

After doing a mini-Vision Day with Debbie during a Women on Fire trip to Paris, I decided to do a full Vision Day. I was nervous about it, but beginning with breakfast, Rob quickly put me at ease and I was completely open to the experience. Throughout the day, there was an energy or power that gave me the sense that things in my life were changing even if I didn’t yet know how.

Some of the work we did surprised me by helping me release pain that I had been holding onto. Most valuable was that I learned I am a storyteller. It defines how I relate to others. I realized that life isn’t real to me until I can tell a story about it. So not only am I exploring new opportunities for storytelling, I have a clearer picture of what I want from my life and am working to get it.

Mark HensonFounder, Sparkspace

Reaching for a higher purpose.

Not having to have a plan for the entire rest of my life, just for the next year was definitely a fresh approach that simultaneously challenged me and relaxed me. Vision Day was more emotionally powerful than I anticipated, and time moved much faster than I thought it would.

I had a pretty big Aha! Moment during the day related to pleasing my parents, which gave me a sense of newfound freedom. I also realized I had lost passion for some of my programs and services because they didn’t match up to what I really wanted to do. As a result, I have been refining my product offers to match my values/vision and play to my strengths.

Let me add that it’s rare to get even a few moments of someone’s full attention. Yet I felt Rob gave 100% to me before, during and after Vision Day. To feel connected to someone for an entire day is unusual. And to have them help you figure out how to achieve your purpose and personal/professional desires? Priceless.

Christine FairchildOxford, United Kingdom

There’s nothing like Vision Day if you’re willing to embrace change and growth.

Vision Day is a powerful tool for resetting your compass. I signed up to reach a sense of purpose and meaning after having felt somewhat adrift. I learned that it is possible (and important) to create a living and breathing vision that is truly attainable.

I appreciated the kindness and generosity with which Rob and Debbie welcomed me into their home and made the day so special. My Vision Day was a remarkable growth experience and even a turning point. I would heartily endorse it for others who need focus and vision for the future.

Isaac WrightFinancial Planner

Vision Day boosted both my business income and time with family.

I wondered whether the cost of Vision Day would be worth the effort and time. That was answered within the first few hours, with some conversation and mental exercises that were definitely out of the box but provided helpful ways to slow down, deal with stress and stay focused on what is truly important.

Overall, the program helped me define my goals professionally and personally. The day created a path that allowed me to successfully grow my business 40% in the last year and provided me with time management skills so I could be with my family as well.

Dr. Sharon StillsNaturopathic Physician

In one amazing day, my future came into focus.

My favorite saying is, “Leap and the net will appear.” Vision Day gave me the courage to actually live that motto and not just say it. It became clear to me that I need to relocate as the next step in my life journey. Even better, I now have a plan to get there.

Rob is a gifted guide who will help you clarify the next step for your soul to take. Everyone deserves to give this gift to themselves!

Dr. Cindy BrownBehavior Relationship Institute, Inc.

Vision Day worked for me on both emotional and strategic levels.

Due to recent losses in my life, I felt I needed someone to wade through my “stuff” and pull out of me what was buried under the grief. Rob helped me lessen the emotional impact of my grief so I was able to begin looking at my unique message, talents, and gifts and start to create a new structure for my business.

I am now more open to changing my business image, message and structure more frequently instead of sticking with one concept and design forever. I realized that it’s good to keep reinventing yourself as time and situations change me.

I had heard Rob and Debbie were amazing and the process was transformational. Very true! Vision Day is a chance to find out many more things about yourself and what you are capable of than you even thought were possible.

Learn more.

Vision Day is a personal strategic planning program that helps you create a plan for your life and work so you can live the fulfilled life that you want and do the work that is most rewarding for you. It is offered as a personalized individual retreat; a retreat for partners, couples, and groups; and as a corporate program for teams.

Vision Days are conducted at our beautiful, inspiring locations In Naples, Florida and on Martha’s Vineyard (pictured here).

Ready to stop chasing a life you don't want?

Vision Day brings clarity to at least four areas of personal uncertainty:


I am struggling to identify my life purpose, my perfect career, or the life that will be most fulfilling to me. Where do I begin?


I know my life purpose or my desired career, but now I need to create a plan to live in the most fulfilling way possible. How do I get past the everyday busyness to both create and carry out such a plan?


I am in the middle of a major life transition, or I have just gone through one and I am struggling, or a life transition is pending. What should I do to remain safe and keep my family safe? How can I make the most of this transition? How do I get past the struggle, bad feelings, and fear?


I’ve lost my mojo. Everything seems like a struggle, and sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a dead end. How do I get my mojo back?


About Rob Berkley

A Master Certified Coach who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, couples and corporate teams articulate their mission and strategic direction, Rob Berkley has a proven talent for facilitating personal and professional breakthroughs.

One coaching client describes Rob as a cross between Yoda, Gandhi and Perry Mason, bringing wisdom, clarity, kindness and a touch of “The Force” to his work. Others express surprise and gratitude that just one day with Rob can be so transformational.

Before founding the executive coaching company GroupMV in 2000, he served as a CEO, CIO and board director for several well-known private and public companies in the technology, banking and publishing industries, including Banker’s Trust, Simon & Schuster and Pearson.

Rob’s client list ranges from leading management consultancies, The Harvard Business School, McGraw-Hill, The TB Alliance (a Gates Foundation organization) to multiple Inc. 500/5000 organizations and a Who’s Who of top information marketers and tech entrepreneurs.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and pursued advanced education at Harvard, Stanford and INSEAD in France. His Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation puts him in the highest rank of coaches in the world.

Trained in several Asian healing arts, Rob has integrated these specialties into his work.

He co-developed and has been conducting Vision Days since 1998 in partnership with his wife, Debbie Phillips, founder of Women On Fire®, on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Naples, Florida.

About Debbie Phillips

​Debbie Phillips is the inspiring author, speaker and founder of Women on Fire®. She is known for her work transforming women’s lives.

In 1995, Debbie launched a service for leaders that previously didn’t exist but that she had wished for earlier in her career. Executive and life coaching were unheard of at the time, and she was among the first trained coaches in the world.

In 1998, she created Vision Day, the one-day strategic planning program for life and work. Working with Rob Berkley, her husband and business partner, Vision Day has continued to evolve and has helped thousands of people to live lives they dream of.

To further extend outreach for women’s success, she founded Women on Fire® in 2003, a membership organization, to connect women to each other and provides inspiration, strategies and support.

The award-winning book series Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) was first published in 2009 and now features two volumes. Her weekly blog The Spark reaches tens of thousands of women.

Prior to becoming a coach, Debbie was a newspaper reporter, Governor’s press secretary, and television production company executive.

An Ohio native, Debbie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University.

A high point in her life each year is when her master coach husband gives her her own Vision Day!

Your vision, realized.

Since the first Vision Day in 1998, these are some of our participants’ achievements:

  • Skyrocketing profitability of companies and businesses
  • Reengaging and reenergizing an executive career after years of stagnation and frustration
  • Finding ideal careers
  • Landing dream jobs
  • Planning for a vital and fulfilling retirement
  • Writing books, plays and comedy routines
  • Producing television shows, video series and music CDs
  • Navigating successful corporate mergers, divestitures and acquisitions
  • Bouncing back after a major illness
  • Planning for and launching new businesses
  • Forming enduring corporate partnerships
  • Creating successful franchise expansions
  • Deepening already healthy committed intimate relationships by creating a compelling couple’s life vision and plan
  • Setting up plans to best use a sabbatical
  • Changing the life direction of struggling children by creating a shared parental vision and parenting plan
  • Planning corporate acquisitions and divestitures
  • Mapping out personal on-boarding plans for a new job or role
  • Reconciling with business partners to reduce or eliminate tension and allow a business to grow
  • Separating amicably from business partners so each could move on successfully
  • Positioning companies for funding
  • Finding love, moving to another country and setting up life and work abroad
  • Discovering or embracing a “geographic home” and setting up plans to move there
  • Establishing a nonprofit foundation to serve humanitarian interests while simultaneously working a corporate job
  • Creating plans for successful new products and services
  • Planning an around-the-world trip of a lifetime
  • Creating a family sabbatical to live in another country for a period of time
  • Reorganizing life to spend more time with family
  • Enjoying a more fulfilling year and life
  • And much, much more!

What is the success that you wish for in your life?

Is Vision Day right for you?

Who is Vision Day for?
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to increase their profitability, create more balance in their life, realize the mission of their business and make the shift to being true CEOs.
  • Professionals who would like to get their messages out to help more people: doctors, dentists, lawyers, coaches and others who are interested in changing lives through their work.
  • Executives looking to find a path to grow their careers and reduce the day-to-day stress of their corporate jobs.
  • Creatives who would like to do a big project: create that CD, write that book, make that movie, produce that play.
  • Individuals going through a major life transition such as corporate merger, layoff, divorce, marriage, children leaving home, blending families, illness, caring for elderly parents, a “big” birthday, retirement or impending retirement, death of a spouse or loved one.
  • Business partners who wish to achieve greater success together than they are currently able to.
  • Couples who want more out of their relationships and to create a meaningful vision for their lives.
  • Those who would like to experience more of the richness and fulfillment possible in life.
Who is Vision Day NOT for?
  • People interested in get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Professional seminar or workshop attendees with no interest in truly changing their lives.
  • People who struggle to invest in themselves by allocating the time or financial resources needed to be successful.
  • People who are not ready to claim their gifts, strengths and talents or recognize and solve their personal challenges.
  • People who blame others for their lack of abundance or success.

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