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Robert Skrob


If you’re considering Vision Day, you have nothing to lose except frustration, confusion and disillusion, and everything to gain in terms of clarity, focus and real chutzpah that what you have is something of tremendous value and that it’s time to bring it out into the world.

Stefan Viragh

Account Manager

After graduating from college and taking an 8-month trip to Uganda to work with refugee children … with the help of Debbie and Rob I was able to develop a road map for my future.

Dave Neundorfer

Linestream Technology, Inc.

I feel like I have the balance and the calm that I need. I’ve been able to be present in navigating changes on the business end and the personal side … a direct result of some of the work that I have done and continue to do with Rob.

Dr. Chris Tomshack

HealthSource Chiropractic

Vision Day was monumentally transformative. It has been an amazing growth experience, which has allowed me and my key executives to take our company into a stage that we otherwise wouldn’t have entered.

Rob’s genius is in truly dissecting your business and coaching you to real actionable items that lead to growth. He’s a wizard …who can adroitly and quickly determine what it is that you need personally and professionally … Vision Day has been a very wise investment for me.

Tom Adams

Founder and President
Flourish Press

Vision Day helped me gain clarity about where I wanted to go. A definiteness of purpose that was really helpful to what I wanted to achieve.

Dave Dee

Chief Marketing Officer

Vision Day was one of the most transformational things I have ever done, not only for my business but for my life. After Vision Day, I had such a clear plan and focus for where I was going and most importantly, the action steps I needed to take.