Four Quadrant Leadership

Four Quadrant Leadership Model

Quadrant One – Leadership

  • How do I articulate a vision that is compelling to all?
  • How do I/we build a solid and achievable business strategy?
  • How do I/we build and sustain a purposeful organizational culture?
  • How do I/we plan and implement lasting change and evolution within the organization?
  • How do I meet the needs of the organization and the expectations of the markets?

Quadrant Two – Management

  • How do I translate the strategy into an achievable tactical plan?
  • How do I ensure the plan is well-executed?
  • How do I delegate effectively, yet ensure results?
  • How do I adapt to the growth?
  • How do I communicate effectively?

Quadrant Three – Developing Others

  • How do I ensure we have the leadership and staff in place to achieve results?
  • How do I ensure we have the organization in place to achieve results?
  • What do I do to identify and strengthen people or areas that need improvement?
  • What do I do to build and sustain high-performance teams?
  • What do I do to actively mentor, coach, and develop each direct report?

Quadrant Four – Self Leadership

  • How do I come across to others?
  • How do I demonstrate emotional mastery (controls emotions, stays calm, never berates others, accepts responsibility versus blaming)?
  • What is my personal development/learning plan?
  • What are our/my personal values and standards?
  • How do I demonstrate trust and respect for others?
  • How do I demonstrate personal integrity?
  • How do I react and behave in the toughest situations?
  • What is my learning plan? What is my personal GPS?