Monthly Archives: February 2016

Jill Merriam-Dulitsky

President, Key Hyundai

When I look back from where I was when I first met Rob to where I am now, I am 100% happier. To me, that’s the best measurement of success. The business is extraordinarily successful now. I’m doing what I love to do… and I’m getting free time to myself to enjoy my family and to see my kids grow up.

Victor Cheng

Founder, Fast Forward Media

Vision Day really changed my life. It became a huge turning point. I was going in one direction in my life and then Vision Day helped me realize it was the wrong direction. Vision Day was not something I would have normally done. The other tools at my disposal were not working. I’m glad I took the chance.

Since then, I’ve probably sent a dozen people to Vision Day. All of them have thanked me profusely afterwards for introducing them to Rob and to Vision Day. It’s been a really positive experience for all them. Not a single person has come back disappointed.

Brian and Rosi Amador


Rob and Debbie, your kind guidance was so helpful in figuring out some big changes we needed to make, and how to make them. Your focus on accountability still influences us as we work towards building our business. You can bet we’ll be thinking of you when we finally make it to New Zealand, which we discovered during Vision Day was on each of our buckets lists!