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Set Your Sights Clearly With a
Vision Day on Marthaís Vineyard

Amidst the breathtaking ambience of Marthaís Vineyard, put your busy life on hold for one day.

Take a deep breath. Imagine your life the way you really wish it could be. Then with the help of two masterful executive coaches, plot your way to that vision.

Refreshed, recharged and redirected, youíll leave prepared to reach that precious destination.

Vision Day helps you find new footing to:

Do your job better with less cost to yourself and your family

Start or expand your business

Stay on top of a career transition

Deepen or find the relationship of your dreams

Set mutually agreed-on priorities with your business or life partner

Clarify and launch a cherished new project

Restore your energy after feeling worn down from responsibilities

Move toward financial independence

Handle a tough situation in which you've felt stuck

Discover how to spend more time on what's important to you.


"My Vision Day was a clear turning point in my life, not just my career. "

Chris Weiss


Owl Brook Associates

Hanover, NH


Vision Day, your personal strategic planning retreat, sets the stage for a fantastic year

Too often, people wander around in a fog of dissatisfaction, or rush from crisis to crisis, never getting around to what most matters, whether that's family, a long-delayed dream, cutting back on work hours or charging full steam ahead toward business growth.

You need two ingredients to renew your direction in life, and Vision Day provides both:
1. A setting that helps you slow down and inspires reflection, and
2. Guidance from coaches who help you draw out buried wishes and plot a feasible course for your future.

You couldn't find a more conducive setting for a private retreat than the island of Martha's Vineyard. Home-away-from-home for countless celebrities, politicians, scholars and media people, it's also the year-round residence for artists, writers, consultants and people who enjoy a slower, quieter pace of life.

For your Vision Day, this contemplative stretch of land surrounded by ocean affords you the leisure and luxury of listening to yourself. Look ahead twelve months to see what you'd like to be enjoying then. Discover how to clear obstacles, bottlenecks and self-sabotage away from your path.

Debra Phillips and Robert Berkley, executive coaches with decades of expertise and experience, serve as guides throughout your Vision Day. You (and your business or life partner, if you decide to come together) are their one and only focus for the entire day.

Debbie Phillips portraitAbout Debra Phillips
A pioneer in the field of coaching, Debbie Phillips supports leaders, professionals and those in transition to use their gifts to reclaim and achieve their dreams. Before becoming a full-time, professional executive and life coach in 1995, she worked in politics, the press and television. She has degrees from Ohio State University and Harvard but considers her greatest education the pain, joy and growth from lifeís ups and downs. She does her life-changing work with loving care, wisdom and a radiant smile.

Rob Berkley protraitAbout Rob Berkley
Rob Berkley provides leadership and communications coaching for the owners and leaders of technology, information and idea-based businesses. Previously he was a successful entrepreneur, board director for public and private companies, CEO and CIO. He is a Master Certified Coach, the highest accreditation in the coaching industry, and is schooled in several Eastern healing arts. One client describes Rob as a cross between Yoda, Gandhi and Perry Mason, bringing wisdom, piercing clarity, kindness and a touch of "The Force" to his work.

Questions about the logistics or process of Vision Day?
They're probably answered in our
Vision Day FAQs.

"Stop rushing furiously toward the future you donít want"


Reset your direction.

And return home revitalized, aimed toward your personal version of success and confident that you have the means to get there.

To get started making your Vision Day – and its focused outcomes – a reality, please call us at (508) 696-4949 or send us an email describing your need for renewal and strategizing.

We look forward to working with you!

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"Vision Day with Debbie and Rob gave my husband and me a roadmap to refer to and milestones to celebrate.

"It is amazing to see how far we have traveled, how rewarding the journey has become."

Priscilla Mead
Former Ohio State Senator
Columbus, OH

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"After I experienced a demoralizing downturn in my new business, Rob helped me rekindle my spirit, focus my energies and dig deeper than I thought possible.

"Soon I started enjoying the kind of success that I dreamed I would have.

"He has gifts that cannot be taught.

"His unique process and gentle style gets results.  Bottom line, you donít have to struggle alone. 

"Rob will work with you to develop new, and more effective strategies. 

"And, here is the best part, he sticks with you and continues to work with you to insure that the changes are sustainable."

Joe Green, Ph.D.
Evergreen Learning, Inc.
Clive, IA

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"During my first Vision Day several years ago, I discovered that I could be much happier, by aligning what I do every day with what is valuable to me.

"The power of that first Vision Day really hit me when I went back for my second Vision Day and we reviewed what I had accomplished.

"I was now working out regularly, spending more quality time with my wife, managing my money better, reading for pleasure, practicing patience and listening, spending less time in my car, and hiring people who could help me focus on what I enjoy in business.

"I have had several Vision Days since, and every time I have been surprised at how much I accomplished."

Michael Keeler
President, Ecologic Leasing Solutions
Montreal, Canada


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